Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just for you

Since I haven't made any comments about it yet, I started my new job yesterday. It's a bit overwhelming to be working in a new place in a completely new field. Nevertheless, it's not the degree of culture shock I've had when starting other jobs in the past. Maybe because I'm finally old enough to realize that it's pointless to worry about most of the things people worry about when they go into a completely alien (and possibly hostile) environment. To give you an example of what that means, I refer to people liking you, wanting to be immediately good at the new job, worrying about how you look, ect... You get the point.

I'll post alot more about this soon I'm sure, but I worked 12 straight hours today with almost no rest. My face hurts, and I didn't even use it except to eat.

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May said...

Hmm... when I don't have to use my face, I often find I randomly lock it up in weird expressions because I'm just thinking shit to myself. I have to be like "okay! face muscles! relax already!" Anyway, if you notice that happening to you, there's my tip.