Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Life During Wartime

I thought that today I would actually try blogging instead of just throwing up random thoughts from inside my head for all to ignore. So here it goes.

Michael Moore was on Larry King on November 19th to discuss the proposal to divert some of the $700 billion (with a "B") Wall Street "bailout" to the big three automaker to alleviate some of their financial woes. Here's the link (and I suggest you watch it if possible):

The whole thing is just over 7 minutes long, but the part I'm talking about starts at the 5 minute mark.

I personally love Michael Moore. Not so much for his politics, which are hit and miss with regards to my own, but for being so much of a d-bag. He truly does not give a fuck, and whether he's right or not, we need people like him. If you hate him, then...good.

Anyway, for those who don't watch it, he basicly says that this is the opportunity we've been needing for some time to force a change in the auto industry. Tell these companies that if they want this money, they will have to start building hybrid cars, fuel efficient SUV's, mass transit systems, and all of the work needs to be done in America. I'll let you draw your own conclussion, but I'd like to hear about it when you do.



May said...

I would LOVE for Obama to make car manufacturers be the solution to our transit problems. It only makes sense and I think it will help the companies to transition into the new paradigm that our society is entering now.

I honestly can't believe I totally agreed with Michael Moore for a change! Usually I only agree with part or none of what he says, the crazy bastard.

Great post!

Eric said...

Thanks so much. That means alot coming from you.